In the next part of my series on Jared and Northwest Music, I inquire about future plans and some goals Jared personally has had for the Worship Team. As the still-recently appointed head of the Worship Team, he has some fresh ideas on where Northwest Music can go (and some amusing thoughts on where it should go)!

ME: Are there specific goals you have for this year? Things you absolutely want to see accomplished?

JARED: Some of the goals are incorporating new talent. Getting new people on stage. Expanding what we do on stage. Just the depth of instruments. Getting more voices, getting more instruments. Kind of building up that wall of sound that we need. Another goal would be to get to the place where it's practiced but doesn't feel rehearsed. We know it but we're still passionate enough to move freely in it. I just want the overall ability of my team to worship to increase because it really comes across when we are worshiping on stage. Obviously, we need to get into it first because we're really a guide for people who haven't worshiped on how to worship. So I've been really stressing with them about that they need to be in worship first. That they need to command their spirit and put their mind in the right place and be sure their heart is right and that everything's firing on all cylinders before they get there so that when they get there, they're able to move in the spirit and help the crowd move in the spirit. I think that's my main goal. Raise up a few new leaders, so that the overall skill set goes up so that it's not obvious when I'm not there. Just kind of like training your replacement when you don't need to. Do I want to do this? Do I want people to not notice when I'm not there? My goal is also to name it the Jared Evans Worship Band and if I can get my face, not like full colour, but you know, maybe silhouette style....


ME: Really? With your nose...?

JARED: Not like profile but you know the old iTunes commercials where you know it's me, maybe on the bass drum.

ME: Well, we'd have to move the bass drum out...

JARED: Oh well, yes, it'd become the centerpiece. And maybe my name down the neck of guitar. I don't play guitar but maybe with my name on someone else's guitar. You know. Maybe move towards my goal....of hologram worship team? They're all me. But not even playing all the instruments. I'm just playing the keyboard on different parts of the stage but it still sounds like a full band. So. I'll also be the dance team as well as the sound and audio guys. Hopefully most of the members of the church as well. If I could be the only person there, that's probably my most ideal worship situation. The best way for me to get into the spirit is to not see ANYONE ELSE except me.

Look forward to the final part in my series with Jared where we'll share a big announcement and get in-depth with Jared with his role in the creative process at Northwest!

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