Loose Change to Loosen Chains (LC2LC) is a student-led campaign for elementary to college students to fight modern-day slavery while learning about the reality of injustices today. Estimates suggest there is $100 in loose change lying around the average household. Imagine what you could do if you were to collect even just a fraction of this amount and use it for a good cause!

To date, our church community has raised an astonishing $18,819, and to put that into context, IJM has provided an equivalent breakdown for this amount:

  • 3 Slavery or Sex Trafficking Rescue Operations ($6300 each)
  • Urgent Medical Care for 250 Survivors ($75 for 1 survivor)
  • 470 hours of individual therapy for survivors ($40 for one hour)
  • 23 days of training to teach communities how to stop violence before it starts ($800 for one day)
  • Help 17 widows start a small business ($1,130 to help one widow)
  • Provide 627 aftercare packages for survivors ($30 each) 

You can also combine these, which could look something like: 

  • 1 slavery rescue operation ($6,300), help 10 windows start a small business ($11,300) and provide 30 hours of individual therapy for survivors ($1,200)

Ladies vs. Gents
We’ve added some competitive flair this summer, where the guys are pitted against the ladies on who can raise the most funds. So make sure to have your pockets full every Sunday where there’ll be LC2LC donation boxes for each side. At the end of the summer, we’ll tally it up and see who wins!

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