On November 14th-15th, 2014, Northwest Church held the first ever Student Summit for International Justice Mission (IJM) in Central Florida. IJM is a non-profit organization focused on rescuing and restoring slaves and bringing those who prey on others to justice. During the two-day event, leaders from IJM came out to change perceptions of local students that they can't be effective in the fight against human trafficking. Students were shown ways to create awareness of the plight of slavery on their school campuses and different ways to speak to their student peers. Students were also made aware of the multiple internships and positions at IJM for students looking to make a change in peoples' lives around the world.

"We're a very justice-minded church," says Crystal Brunton, IJM Florida State Advocacy Leader and member of the Northwest Church Pastoral Staff. "Northwest sees the need to reach out beyond ourselves and really take part in something that's happening on a global scale."

Along with continual support of IJM through the Loose Change to Loosen Chains campaign, Northwest Church is now holding Fun Nights for Freedom, nights with some fun activities that aim to raise money for IJM and see justice in our own backyard. The first Fun Night for Freedom was this past Friday, June 19th . For more information on IJM visit their website, www.ijm.org

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