The following is an adaptation from Dr. Crystal Evans’ recent teaching “Freedom From Rejection".

Everything in our life rises and falls on the ability to have healthy relationships. Having these healthy relationships in your sphere is what makes life worth living, as it's what we've been called to do as Christians. We've been called to live a life that gives and receives love. But something inside us, even as believers, makes that a struggle; it’s rejection wounds in our heart.

Once that hurt has been inflicted by words that were spoken over you, or that person who was important to you has gone, rejection comes in. You then begin to question your value, worth and ability to be loved, and as a result, your heart hardens.

Rejection is so deceiving and deadly because it makes us unable to feel God's love; that unconditional love where God says, “You are my child, and I am not going to leave or abandon you because I have chosen you.”

But in times of rejection, our heart has hardened to the point where we can't feel God's love. He wants us to experience His love and has called us as his children here on earth to live a life that includes people--to cover them in a blanket of love.

The antidote to rejection begins with Him. There's no person on the face of this earth, no matter how much they love you, who can fill all the needs that you have. Only God can fill every single place in your heart, so we must first look to Him. Yes, we will reach out to people, but first, we look to Him until we realize that we’re totally accepted and loved unconditionally. The Bible says that I am accepted in the Beloved.

If you missed it, you can watch Dr. Crystal’s teaching here.

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