NORTHWEST GOLD: Telling Your Story: Pastor Mark's Story

The following is an adaptation of Pastor Mark Evans’ recent teaching “Pastor Mark's Story".

1 Peter 3:15
And if someone asks about the hope and joy in you, always be ready to tell your story.

My parents didn’t know who I was. My mother would brag about what a good baby I was. I would never get spanked and was so obedient that my parents would tell me something and I would do it, but then I would disobey them privately. I got spanked by my conscience, as I knew I was doing wrong and I knew I would be incredibly disappointing to my parents if they knew what I was doing.

Sometime later I ended up out in Colorado looking down the Continental Divide. I had never seen so many stars in the sky, and to this day have yet to. It was that moment I realized there was some Divine presence that created this. It was right then I said, "You know Lord if you did this--and I believe you did--I just don't want to accept Jesus. I want to come under your lordship. I want to move past ‘Hey I'm saved’. You are my Lord, you call the punches and I want to serve your purpose." My goal at that moment wasn't anything other than to come under his lordship and to do what he put in front of me.

Your story is His story. My story is His story. We're examples of his love, and he rebuilds what no one sees any value in. Take the things that have been said against you and realize the Lord says, "Build on that because I see value in you." And always be ready to tell your story...

If you missed it, you can watch or listen to Pastor Mark’s teaching here.

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