The following is an adaptation from Dr. Crystal Evans’ teaching called “The Dream Team

As the rise of social media continues, a side effect we see is the exacerbation of FOMO or ‘fear of missing out.’ You’re constantly flooded with perfectly framed and filtered pictures of a friend or colleague’s life and the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ kicks in. You may ask “well, why are they so special? I’m smarter/better-looking than them. I should have that.” It’s something we all think from time to time.

It may be something silly there, but jealousy can become a serious issue as it takes root. We seem to get blinders on for what God is giving everyone else but us. Indeed, close friends of ours, family members, even our spouse may be blessed in a “greater” fashion than how we are for a season. We see this in Elijah and Elisha’s relationship, as Elijah asks Elisha to see him ascend into heaven. At first glance, this feels like an odd request, especially as the linchpin to Elisha receiving a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.

To get to the heart of what Elijah’s asking of Elisha, we see that one of the greatest strengths of a team is you as an individual wanting the best for the other people on your team. Elijah wants Elisha to be so elevated that he can see Elijah being taken up and not succumb to jealousy but to rejoice for him. In the same way, we can overcome the pull of jealousy by sincerely rejoicing with our teammate.

Don’t let jealousy break up a dream team. This week, see where the root of jealousy may be taking root in your relationships and bless those people you’re jealous of. Pray for them, encourage them, compliment them and most importantly, be thankful for them. God does not withhold blessings from those He loves...and He loves you.

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