The following is an adaptation from Ps. Peter Brunton’s teaching entitled “Walking With God in the Valley

We live in a world that thrives on sight. We’re constantly looking at something, whether it’s our work, our phone, or our dirty laundry. As social media becomes more ingrained in our culture, we’re more acquainted with images, stories and issues that wouldn’t cross our paths normally. We’re trained more and more to believe that what we see we can affect and ultimately, believe that what we see, we can control.

How often do we want the same thing from God? Whether it’s making His will clear to us or “just give me a sign” or some other plea, we ask God to show Himself. Now, when we can’t see God, we as humans tend to try and replace Him with something else. The Israelites did this very same thing with the golden calf. Moses had tarried in returning to them, so in response, they found a stand-in for the Lord. This was a god under their control, one whose own will was controlled by theirs.

When God feels far off or gone from your sight, this is when your faith must grow. This is when we are stretched as people. God has given us the tools to discern His will through His Word and the Holy Spirit, and even tells us how faith comes to us, through hearing and as a gift.

If you’re feeling like God is far from your sight, make the effort to seek Him out. Read. Pray. The Bible says to enter into his gates with thanksgiving, so put on your favorite worship (hint hint) album. He will reveal Himself to you in time, because He loves you and always provides.

Northwest Gold is a series of easy-to-digest wisdom from the best Northwest teachings. To read more on this topic, check out the full teaching “Walking With God in the Valley” and also view more teachings like this on the Walking With God sermon series page.


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