Class is in session! Announcing the launch of Northwest U, the new Education component of our B.A.S.E. vision at Northwest Church. Northwest U is designed to be a service that helps people learn how to be successful in all areas of life and in relationships. The classes provided by Northwest U are practical and life changing. This fall semester, Northwest U is offering 7 classes, some of which are updated from previous classes, and some are brand new:

-Leadership 1: Restoring Your Family's Foundations
-Leadership 2: The Holy Spirit 
-Leadership 3: Activate Your Purpose
-Leadership 4: Leadership Boot Camp
-Parenting 1: Confident Parenting: Infants – Elementary
-Life Skills 1: Habits for Success
-Business 1: Foundational Skills

"Business 1: Foundational Skills" is a brand new class that's chock full of critical information for succeeding in your work, no matter where you work. We're also adding a new class to the Leadership curriculum called "Leadership 2: The Holy Spirit". This class will be an updated version of the new Holy Spirit class that was offered last spring--if you missed it, now is the time to register! Check out some student feedback from this wildly popular class:

-"First of all, the entire class was absolutely amazing and well-organized. Each session, each slide, each testimony provided us with such vast and impactful information."

-"The Holy Spirit has definitely become more real to me through this class and I absolutely love it and am so thankful for it."

-"The main thing I have experienced is freedom. I am free!"

To learn more or register for the new Northwest U Fall classes, please view our Calendar on or follow the links above.


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