Next month marks the return of Northwest U’s Spring semester with an impressive line-up of classes starting on Monday, April 1st from 7pm. Here’s what’s coming to a classroom near you soon:

Activate Your Purpose
God has more for all of us, but do you find it difficult to find your purpose? Activate Your Purpose is an 8-week class that will open your eyes to ways in which you can use your talents and gifts to help fellow Christians in everyday life.

The Refreshed Marriage
This popular class is open to all married couples, whether you’re newlyweds or in the double-digits! In this 8-week class, you’ll get the skills to guide your marriage in a positive direction. Learn more about communication, how to argue fairly, how to deal with different family dynamics, money/financial issues, defining roles in your marriage and of course, sex!

New Classes:

Healing For Today
Ever wondered about healing? Questions like “What does the Bible say about healing today?” and “How do you keep your healing once God has touched you?” will be answered in this new class, Healing For Today. In this class, you’ll also have the chance to be a part of a team that witnesses miracles every day.

Turning Water Into Beer
Yes, Northwest U has a class on beer-making! In this 4-week class, you’ll learn how to brew your own beer. You'll also discover the history of beer, the importance of ingredients, and explore the science and process behind brewing. To top it off, you’ll leave the class with a special brew made by you!

Don’t forget, classes start on Monday, April 2nd, so register now (and book your sitter)!

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