As the director of Northwest Music School, Wesley Boyce instills a passion for music in young ones' hearts and helps build a foundation for an adoration of the arts that can last for the rest of their lives. Check out what Wes had to say when I caught his ear about the Music School, upcoming plans and involvement with the new Northwest Dance Company production, NOAH: The Story of Us.

ME: What is your vision for Northwest Music School?

WES: We have big vision for the Music School, both Pastor Peter and I, and the way we see it is we eventually want our own campus with as many practice rooms as possible so there can be a lesson going on in each room. That means we need more teachers as well, so our goal is to grow with multiple teachers and multiple days completely booked during the week--basically maxed out in every room, with every teacher. That’s the long term goal, and it’s daunting and I don’t know how it’s going to happen, and that’s why it’s all in God’s hands. But at the least we want to have our own building, and preferably our own campus with multiple buildings.

ME: Do you see this as maybe a way to train up people to come into the Northwest Band? To build up our own music program here....or are they separate in terms?

WES: Absolutely, I think this goes along with the other question. It's one of my main goals for the Music School, maybe not the huge final vision, but it’s something I want to be doing now. For example, I have a certain young student who can wail on the guitar, and whose family is plugged into our church. My vision specifically for him is to become a guitarist in the band, and there are also others who have come through the Music School that have played and sang at Acoustic Worship Night. That kind of thing is really the goal of the Music build people up to where they can replace us. And there’s just so many kids, like right now, our database is over 30 students. Some of them may not be active right now, but on Saturdays I usually have half hour lessons non-stop all day, which is great. I want people to come through, get plugged into the church, and be trained up in leadership, you know? Just climb that ladder. Another side-goal of mine is to one day play live music on stage during Northwest Dance Studio's live dance productions.

ME: What was it like working on Noah? I know you've had a larger part in this behind the scenes this time around.


WES: Well, this was the first production that I haven't been on the dance team for in a very long time, so for me, it was a very different experience. I've been able to solely focus on the music. I've been producing more than ever. Along with recording all of the voice-acting, whether it was singing or talking, I also recorded all live instruments and composed for a couple of the scenes. This is the most time I've ever devoted to a project because I'm doing more of the music production and less of the actual dancing. Whether it's been coordinating with the choir, getting live singers, I love it. Normally it would be so much pressure, but we started early. By late September, we already had some pieces finished. There is still pressure in the lead up to the show but it's been a great experience over all. Even with a lot on my plate, I've loved working with everyone on this project.

If you're interested in the Music School, register for a class today! Your first one is free. Or check out his work in the upcoming Northwest Dance Company production, NOAH: A Story of Us on Friday, December 18th at 7pm or Sunday, December 20th at 9am & 12pm.

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