NorthwestKids Unlimited

This month at Northwest, we saw the exciting introduction to NorthwestKIDS Unlimited. Headed up by the NorthwestKIDS Unlimited Leaders, Matthew and Jess Wentworth, this new Sunday-morning ministry was created especially for children ages 5-12 with special needs.

“NorthwestKIDS Unlimited started when we were asked to start a special-needs ministry,” said Matthew. “And with my background, it was something I really wanted to do, so we jumped on board.”

Every Sunday during 2nd Service (11am-12pm), children experience a fun, nurturing environment where they can truly be themselves and grow in God through Bible lessons, sensory activities or tactile learning, group time, and workstations time.

Since NorthwestKIDS Unlimited is a part of NorthwestKIDS, Matt’s goal is to integrate the kids as much as possible.

About the Leaders

While pursuing his Master’s Degree at Florida Institute of Technology in Applied Behavior Analysis, Matt worked at Threshold, a local group home for individuals with intensive behavior challenges, as well as Quest, an adult day-training facility that provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In November of 2011, Matt was hired as a District Behavior Analyst with Orange County Public Schools and currently consults with teams supporting students with behavior challenges and various disabilities across 40 schools.

Jess and Matt met at Northwest Church and have been serving side by side in the NorthwestKIDS ministry since 2011. They married in 2012 and now have a young daughter. Jess brings a lively personality and a creative spirit into the NorthwestKIDS Unlimited ministry and is determined to find innovative ways to teach and minister to all children.

“This ministry is going to open up an area of serving for our church, and I think it's really important that we learn that God doesn't look at us based on our limitations. This is what NorthwestKIDS Unlimited is all about, in that we don't see the kids limitations but we see their potential.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, providing materials, or supporting this ministry in other ways, please contact Matt Wentworth.

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