Parenting 2: Confident Parenting
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Parenting 2


A brand-new course on Monday nights designed to help tackle turbulent teens and speak into their life in a way that can actually affect them. Confident Parenting: Middle School - High School is a 9-week class that focuses on a time in your child's life where they will be confronted with hard choices and raising them to pick the right ones. Topics include speaking to your child so they will listen, appropriate boundaries for a teen, helping your teen make wise choices in friends and life situations when you aren't there, navigating education, and handling discipline when your teen makes an unwise choice. This class is open to anyone and appropriate for parents of ages 11 - 18 years. Northwest U’s class offerings differ between Fall and Spring semesters, so make sure to sign up this semester as these classes will only be offered once a year.

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