21 Day Fast

Northwest 21 Day Fast

Beginning Saturday, January 8th we invite you to participate in a church-wide, 21 day fast. Fasting is a humbling yet powerful way to deny your flesh in order to hear God’s voice more clearly. When you fast, you give up something that normally would bring you comfort, and use that time and space to pray and seek God’s will. Here is our 21 Day Fasting guide

There are many examples of fasting throughout the Bible; typically it meant limiting food. But if you cannot fast food for a medical reason, there are things like entertainment, caffeine, alcohol, or certain types of food (sweets, carbs, etc) that you can fast instead. Ask yourself, what do you hunger for that takes your attention away from God? 

On the last day of our 21 Day Fast, we will come together to celebrate with a special prayer and worship night on Friday, January 28th.

If you have any other questions regarding this fast, speak to your small group leader. Not in a small group? Contact us and we'd love to help connect you to a group! 


January 8th - 28th


All are welcome to participate

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