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Crystal Evans

Crystal Evans, ThD

Senior Pastor


A second generation missionary, Pastor Crystal grew up across the world in missionary outposts in Canada to the Inuits and in Costa Rica to impoverished communities. She is a middle child of six kids and is a natural mother who excels at making everyone feel right at home. Yes, we could talk about her being a Dr. of Theology and a seasoned, well-travelled, conference-speaking, I-built-my-own-church-from-the-ground-up type of person, but seriously - she doesn’t like that. SO we won’t mention it.

What does make her passionate is getting women to step up to leadership and get on with the Great Commission. Standing in the shadows and rehearsing the reasons for why you are not living up to your potential does not fly well with Pastor Crystal. As gentle as she is, families in Orlando have been won for Christ because of her tenacity to get the job done; to win people to Christ.

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