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Mark Evans

Mark Evans

Senior Pastor


In 1980 moving back to his home state of Florida from Philadelphia, Pastor Mark stopped in Alabama. Over the course of a year, he lived in the forest and cut down over 500 trees to build a house. Dragging them back to Orlando, he builds the house that he had dreamed of since he was a child with nothing but his own hands. Yep, that sounds pretty crazy. Upon finishing his house the Lord spoke to him and said: “Now that you have built your house, now build mine”. And that’s exactly what Pastor Mark did and it speaks more to his vision and leadership at Northwest than you would realize.

Since 1988, Pastor Mark has built Northwest Church with the same adventure, passion, and stick-ability that it took to build a house literally from scratch. He used all his experience serving other ministries like Young Life and Benny Hinn, and combined it with a call from the Father. He took a leap of faith to build a community of believers who want to live life to the fullest as God had designed it.

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