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Give Up To Go Up - September 2019

The fear of scarcity often dictates our behaviors, and in some instances, it exposes areas in our lives that are typically overlooked. These areas are sometimes uncovered when moving into a new position where more is required of you. This year’s Greater Than Conference speakers will address these areas and present strategies for overcoming them.

No matter your occupation or position, this year’s Greater Than Conference will inspire you to learn how to be more successful and significant in the Kingdom of God. You'll also discover what your next steps are in what God has called you to. His strength is shown through our weakness, so in order to Go Up, we'll explore what we may need to Give Up.


Giving Too Much, Taking Too Much
Phil Chang, I.T. Director - Mellick Group

Impacting the Next Generation
Grace McKenzie, Kids Pastor - Northwest Church

Asking the Right Questions
Neil Radloff, Founder - Mansion Windows & Doors

How to Give Up to Go Up
Jim Sellers - Renewal By Andersen, Florida

Past Speakers

Breaking Through Barriers - September 2018

You have a plan for your success. God has a plan for your significance. These two designs for your purpose work together so you can achieve at a higher level at work, school, or in your ambitious pursuits. The meaningful work you do to help others provides the vision and perspective you need to break through the barriers that block your path to purpose.

This year’s Greater Than Conference speakers will uncover surprising misconceptions about what these barriers really are, and they’ll also share the most important lessons they’ve discovered in their careers after breaking through them.

No matter where you are in your career or what industry you work in, this year’s Greater Than Conference will elevate your perspective and approach to achieve success and significance. Unite with other passionate professionals as we work on becoming Greater Than our failures, Greater Than our success, and Greater Than ourselves.


Breaking Through The Success Stigma Barrier
Josh Martell, Esq. - Dewitt Law Firm, P.A.

Breaking Through The Spiritual Barrier
Marc Stanakis, President & Co-Founder - The Jobs Partnership of Florida

Breaking Through The Busy Barrier
Laura Romot, Chief Strategist - PH3 Agency + Brewery

Breaking Through The Status Quo
Eddy Moratin, Executive Director - Lift Orlando


September 2017

Level Up

God’s plan for you is longer than your lifetime. No matter where you are or what season you’re in, it’s important to assess what changes can be made to ‘Level Up’ into the next stage of your life and to keep your vision focused beyond the daily grind.

Everyone has a God-given purpose. What some don’t understand is how it can apply in the workplace, at school, at home and with everyone we interact with. The purpose of this year’s Greater Than Conference is to share practical insight and experiences to help each of us uncover our passion for a cause beyond our own well-being. It’s in this pursuit that we become Greater Than our failures, our accomplishments, and ourselves.


How to recognize opportunities and not to miss them
John Hursh, President - 306 Foundation

Apprenticeship and how to live it
Nicholas Beecher, Advertising Sales Manager - Charisma Media

Defining success through your legacy
Rick Strombeck Sr., Rick Strombeck, Ben Strombeck - Strombeck Consulting

Practical ways to connect to a cause in the workplace (boss or not)
Ben Hoyer, Executive Director - Downtown CREDO

Following the call (what happens when you say yes)
Crystal Brunton, Florida State Representative - IJM


September 2016

God in the workplace

Rick Romot
Founder/Creative Director
PH3 Agency + Brewery

Overcoming invisible barriers

Jenny Russell
Community Relations Advisor
A Place for Mom

Tuck your shirt in

Ben Strombeck
Chief Operating Officer
Strombeck Consulting, CPAs

How to be a leader others will follow

Jim Sellers
Director of Sales & Estimating
Universal Roof & Contracting

What’s your plan?

Jared Evans
Universal Roof & Contracting

Creating a winning atmosphere/culture

Jared Mellick
Universal Roof & Contracting

Visionary & Integrator

Phil Chang
President of IT Services

How to give 70%

Elizabeth Pehlke
Director of Instructional Design
Pearson North America

How to determine what God has called you to

Nancy Long
Senior Accountant
Missionary Ventures International

What does mentorship look like?

Micah Mackubin

How to make your people never want to leave

Peter Brunton
Executive Pastor
Northwest Church

September 2014

The Impact Your Work Can Have

Mark Nation
Nation Law Firm

Going After Dreams and Goals

Marc Mero
Champion of Choices

Give Kids The World

Kate Murphy
Volunteer Services Group Coordinator
Give Kids The World

Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

Eddie Kaufholz
Director of Church Mobilization, Southeast

Overcoming Fear

Kennan Burch
Founder & Brand Catalyst
Brand Catalyst Partners

February 2014

Successful or Significant

John Rivers
Chef & Owner
4R Restaurant Group

Doing the right thing

Russell Slappey, CPA
CEO & Managing Partner

What's important in your life

Andrea Zelen
Celebrity Chef and Cancer Survivor

What we don't know

Khalid Moidu MD, Ph.D.
Family Physicians Group of Florida

Glorify God in everything we do

Mark Nation
Nation Law Firms