Welcome to Northwest

We’re excited that you’re interested in visiting us, and we look forward to meeting you. Here’s some info to help you feel comfortable during your first visit to our church campus.

How We Gather


Nothing beats the act of gathering--it’s how the first church began, and it opens the door to growing in relationship with God and with each other. We’re a community that’s committed to gathering every Sunday to encounter God, get restored through the Cross, worship in the Spirit, and be refreshed by His Word.

Our in-person service starts at 11AM. Be sure to arrive early, whether it’s to enjoy hand-crafted coffee from our Coffee Bar or to register your kids for NorthwestKIDS, our amazing children’s program. If it’s your first time, look for one of our Welcome Team members so they can welcome you and show you where to go.


Sunday Services

11am // In Person or Live Stream
WebsiteFacebook, or YouTube

Location & Contact

Map & Directions // 407-579-2088
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Your First Time

When you pull into our campus, you may park in a Visitor Parking space near the entrance and look for one of our Welcome Team members. Come on into the main auditorium and enjoy some complimentary coffee at our Coffee Bar. Our Northwest Band begins our service with an invitation to worship as they crank up the live music. We really get into worship around here, and a few of us get pretty enthusiastic (ie moving hands and feet). During worship, we take a few moments for the offering. After worship, our hosts will share a few upcoming events and release the kids to NorthwestKIDS. Then we get right into the Sermon with one of our teaching pastors.

For Parents

On your first visit to Northwest, we recommend arriving early so you can register your kids for our amazing children’s programs. Once registered, your kids ages 0-4 years of age (infants-preschoolers) can be immediately checked in to our safe and secure Nursery. Kids ages 5-12 will stay with you to experience our live band worship experience. After announcements, all registered kids will be released to NorthwestKIDS in Room 8 for the remainder of the service.

Have kids 13+? We would love to meet your older kids and introduce them to Northwest Youth! Stop by our Welcome Desk and we’ll share all that we have going on for middle and high schoolers.

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